Guitar tutorial on how to play Arabic music on fretless guitar. Exercises about how to use your left hand on a fretless guitar, how to play microtones on a guitar. Several Oud tunings for guitar.
The scores and tablature are written to be played by guitar beginners as well as intermediate level guitarist.
Let's learn some fretless guitar techniques and apply them to Arabic music.

Here you have a brief tutorial about how to play West African music on guitar.
We will focus on Kora music applied to guitar sometimes also known as Mali Blues.
Learn the West African Tomora scale on finger style guitar and how to understand African grooves, break them down in parts, add phrases, melodies and improvisations.

Let's learn Turkish music on guitar. In this article you will find many exercises to play Turkish sales and melodies on guitar.
The guitar examples are written on music notation and tablature for intermediate guitarists. But even if you are a guitar beginner you can try playing Turkish music on your guitar. 
Turkish music is one of those styles that opens up an amazing new world for the guitarist. 
There are many ways to play the microtones found in Turkish music on a guitar. In this article you will learn how to play Turkish music on a standard guitar using alternative tunings.

Start learning how to play Bulgarian Music on guitar. In this article you will find guitar exercises, scales, rhythms and melodies written in music notation and tablature to begin practicing on the guitar. Some of the guitar exercises are for intermediate level but slowing down the tempo beginner guitarists can also try them.
Among the different styles of music to be found in the Balkans the music of Bulgaria is one of the most challenging and interesting for guitar. If one desires to become a master of playing odd rhythms on guitar here is the best grounds to learn and practice.

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